Upcoming Reviews for May 2017

Here are my upcoming reviews for this month.
Well the movies I saw up to this point at least.

Movie: The Sheriff In Town (English title) / Sheriff (literal title)
Revised romanization: Boangwan
Hangul: 보안관
Director: Kim Hyung-Joo
Writer: Kim Hyung-Joo
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Genre: Comedy / Crime
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Movie: Daddy You, Daughter Me (English title) / Dad is Daughter (literal title)
Hangul: 아빠는 딸
Director: Kim Hyung-Hyub
Writer: Takahisa Igarashi (novel)
Release Date: April 13, 2017
Runtime: 115 min.
Genre: Comedy / Switched Bodies
Distributor: Megabox Plus M

Movie: The Prison
Revised romanization: Peurizeun
Hangul: 프리즌
Director: Na Hyeon
Writer: Na Hyeon
Producer: Lee Sung-Hoon, Choi Ji-Yoon
Cinematographer: Hong Jae-Sik
Release Date: March 23, 2017
Runtime: 125 min.
Distributor: Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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