Talk Movies & Korean / Hangul : Spotlight (2015) Part 2

I am professor AKIA and this show is where I talk about movies that were released in Korea and the Korean language.

This episodes topic is the movie “Spotlight” directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams.  In part 2, I’ll discuss the movie for a bit.

Part 1.

Part 2 Transcript

Welcome, This is Professor AKIA coming to you from Seoul, Korea
This show is where I talk about movies released in Korean theaters and a bit of the Korean language using an alphabet called “Hangul”
Today’s subject is the movie “Spotlight” directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. I did go over the what the “Korean” title for the movie is in part 1. Please click below if you haven’t seen it.

The movie “Spotlight” is getting a lot of attention since it won the best picture Oscar. But I have to ask. Is the movie “Spotlight” over-rated?

Let’s pause for a moment for a Korean language lesson!

In Korean, the word “over-rated” can be translated to “과대평가

Sentence structure…
As English and Korean are different language, their Sentence structures are quite different.
I’ll show you how it differs with an example.

Let’s look at the following sentence
Is it over-rated?
In Korean you need to shuffle the words like this.

“It over-rated Is?”

Back to your regular programing!

One thing about “Spotlight” is that it is very well crafted and brings a rather difficult story of people looking paper word and talking to the screen in a compelling way.

In term of being well crafted, “Spotlight” reminds me of Steven Spielberg’s bridge of spies. That movie just woozed craftsmanship although the end product was not a masterpiece of cinema. 

☺Compared to bridge of spies, “Spotlight” has an upper hand as the story is more focused
☺However, is that enough? I mean when judging a movie, is the craftsmanship alone that went into the movie enough to make that movie great?
☺To answer that question, we to need examine the point of the movie. What is the purpose of telling the story that “Spotlight” is trying to tell?
☺I think I can narrow it down to 2 things.
☺The first is to bash the Catholic Church and priests. In our PC society, Catholic priests and the Nazis are safe things to hate on.
☺The second is to go Journalism used to be so great. Now… bloggers…what more to say? Go Boston Globe! These are the main selling point of the movie.
☺There is not much else. There are not any real characters to sell the movie on. While solid actors bring a lot to their roles in “Spotlight,” all of the characters are just architypes that perform a function within the story.
☺You have the good old boy and pillar of the community
☺You have the casual Catholic
☺and you have the lapsed Catholic. While performed with skill, the characters are shallow on the page. “Spotlight” is not a character movie.
Going back to the selling points of the movie. Let’s look at the first one. The problem with this is that it is old news. This story is 15 years old now. Society had its uproars and comedians have mined the joke to depletion. So, simply by the merit of time, the Catholic church is making a comeback. I’m saying it is played out.
☺In addition, “Spotlight” doesn’t really say anything new.
It doesn’t provide an in-depth look into the inner workings of the church beyond the basics
☺Except for one line of dialogue, it doesn’t look into the reason of why. So, really the I got nothing new from the movie.

☺What about the second selling points? Well, the movie shows what the reporters did to get their news story. And to be frank, nothing really happened. They just did their job with competence. They went through a lot of paper work and conducted interviews. Basically, they did their job in a competent manner. But is that enough for a compelling story?

☺In addition, it doesn’t really go into detail about the journalistic profession. Other than showing the audience how tedious it was to do research in 2001, there is not much explained about the process of the profession beyond the casual understanding.

☺Once again, I repeat my previous comment that “Spotlight” is well crafted.

☺Just in terms of its craft, the movie may have earned its best picture nomination.
☺However, the main issue with “Spotlight” is that there is nothing more on display other than craft.
☺ So to answer my question of whether the movie “Spotlight” is over-rated…
☺My answer would be yes!
☺Yes, “Spotlight” is a well-crafted but over-rated movie.
☺At the end of the day, “Spotlight” will not be one of those movies I remember from 2015.
I’ll remember Steven Spielberg’s “bridge of spies” before I remember Spotlight” because “bridge of spies” has more interesting characters.

Thanks for going through part 2 of my “Spotlight” talk. In part 2, I went over my thoughts of the movie briefly. If you missed part 1, click below. Oh and before I go…If you have comments about the movie or the Korean language, leave it below. Also please subscribe to my channel and visit my blog at 

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