Talk Movies & Korean / Hangul : Spotlight (2015) Part 1

I am professor AKIA and this show is where I talk about movies that were released in Korea and the Korean language. 

In part 1, I’ll focus on the movie title and its Korean counterpart. In part 2, I’ll discuss the movie for a bit.

Part 2.

Part 1 Transcript

Welcome, This is Professor AKIA coming to you from Seoul, Korea
This show is where I talk about movies released in Korean theaters and a bit of the Korean language using an alphabet called “Hangul”
Today’s subject is the movie “Spotlight” directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. It was released in Korea on February 2016 just before the 2016 academy awards in order to take advantage of the Oscar buzz. However, it did fail to get attention.

So, “Spotlight” has to just contend with talking home the best picture Oscar gold. Not too bad consolation prize.

The movie covers the story which started in 2001. It shows how the reporters at the Boston globe looked into a few Catholic priests’ sexual abuse cases of children to uncover a more wide scale scandal which they blew the lid off in the following year.

In terms of the movie title, “Spotlight” refers to the name of the Boston globe’s investigations team which was called “Spotlight.” In addition to its literal referencing, the definition of the word “Spotlight” imbues the title with multilayered meanings.

“Spotlight” is defined as a beam of light from spotlight
In addition to being used to refer to intense scrutiny or public attention. So, great name for a investigative journalist team.

The Korean title for “Spotlight” is “Spotlight” because we really do not have an exact term for it.

집중조명” which translates to “Focused light” could be used
Or we could just use “주목” which translates to “attention”

But not exact term that translates “Spotlight.” So, Koreans just use the English term. But pronounce it differently.

This is where we have to play the “syllable game”


When pronounce by a person who uses proper English or “American,” “Spotlight” is a 2 syllable word. “Spotlight”

Koreans do it a bit differently!

We use 6 syllables. 6!

When pronouncing Korean, clearly pronounce all syllables. Break between each syllable. Pronounce with a steady and consistent pace.


Thanks for going through part 1 of my “Spotlight” talk. In part 2, I’ll go over my thoughts of the movie briefly. Click below for that video. If you have comments about the movie or the Korean language, leave it below. Also please subscribe to my channel and visit my blog at

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