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Hello. This is Prof. AKIA updating you on my Korean movie book called  "Taste of Korean Popcorn 2015:
A Look at Korean Society through 2015 mainstream Korean Cinema." that I'm working on.

In this post, I am showing off an example of the movie info format with the review of Korean horror movie "The Silenced " (2015). 

Here is an example.

All Girl Schools are Scary: The Silenced (2015)


Gothic period movie set in Japanese occupied Korea, a teenage girl is dropped off at a all-girl boarding school by her step mother. She is the new transfer student. While she is isolated as the new girl, things start to look better as she makes a friend but things get weird and weird fast. The school may not be what it seems on the surface.
Review score: C or 4.5/10

Directed/Written by Lee Hae-Young [이해영]    Also of “Foxy Festival” (2010)
Released on June 18, 2015
Earned a Total of $ 2,277,886 in revenue
Ranked 80th highest grossing movie in 2015 Korea
Korean Title: 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들

Park Bo-Young [박보영] as the protagonist, a new girl transfer student
                                                          Also in “You Call It Passion” (2015)
Park So-Dam [박소담] as the protagonist’s new best friend; fellow student
                                                          Also in The Priests” (2015)
Uhm Ji-Won [엄지원] as the all-girl boarding school principal

                                                          Also in The Phone” (2015)

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