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How to organize an actor profile? Help me out! Comments and suggestions welcome. 

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA updating you on my Korean movie book I'm currently working on. If you are new to these updates, you can start with the first one. 
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The working title of the book is "Taste of Korean Popcorn 2015:
A Look at Korean Society through 2015 mainstream Korean Cinema." Fancy isn't it? Well, it is trying to tie movie reviews with think pieces about the industry and Korean society. Interested?

At this point, I'm 40% through the first draft. All of my previous reviews have to be reworked to touch on Korean society and the theme of the think piece I'm tying the review to. 

In this post, I am showing off an example of the actor profile  I'm including with some reviews. Not all will have them but some will. This has the job of providing some brief context to the readers that may not have much of an preexisting knowledge about Korean cinema, actors, or even dramas. Not an easy task.

The problem is harder since I don't think for copyright issues I can include photos with the book. The current Idea is to have caricatures  instead. Not concrete on that one. Another method is to use well known Hollywood or American actors as reference points such as the look of Tom cruse but the comedic sense of Tom hanks. You get the picture.

Here is an example.

Actor Profile : Hwang Jungmin 

Temporary Picture. Not sure what I can get away with.
Think I need a caricature aritist to draw me something 

Born on September 1, 1970, the 46 year old actor has been in the industry since 1995 when he debuted in the Korean adaptation of a German stage musical “Linie 1.” While he appeared in Korean movies for the first time in “The General's Son” (1990) with a small role, his big break was a supporting role he played in “Waikiki Brothers” (2001).  In the following years, he got bigger roles in movies such as “Heaven's Soldiers” (2005) and “A Bittersweet Life” (2005). In 2005, he play the leading role in “You Are My Sunshine” (2005) to great praise. From that point on, Hwang Jung-min became a prominent leading man in Korean cinema with movies such as “A Man Who Was Superman” (2008). However, it was only when his 2014 movie “Ode to my father” went on to become the second highest grossing movie ever in Korean cinema that it could be said that he truly arrived. This success was followed up in 2015 with two big hits: “The Himalayas” (2015) and “Veteran” (2015).

As an actor, Hwang Jungmin is somewhat of a mix of the sincere normal person next door quality of a young Tom Hanks and the slightly rough “street wise” edge and the goofy comedy quality of a late career Robert De Niro. In many ways, Hwang Jungmin is not a likely leading man but he seems to make it work.

It is still rough now. What do you think? 
Give comments and also donate some brief descriptions about Korean actors and actresses that made movies in 2015. I may quote you. 

P.S. Anyone draw caricatures for barely anything?

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