Battle Royal For The Korean Year!...Well End of Korean Cinema Year

The Last Battle for the Korean Movie Box office begins!



WEEK 3!!!!!!!

This week the Korean Cinemas are getting space wizards battling space nazies with the help of massive amount of nostalgia and fan pandering. There is also Koreans climbing up the same mountain again for forced cheesy humanism. And finally we have a period adventure of hunting an endangered animal and bashing the Japanese again.

This is a war! There is not enough room for all three of us. Battle to the death!

On the Champion side...

Hollywood/Disney Scifi Fantasy Epic

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The Contenders...

Random Korean Movies' Strike backs

The Himalayas / 히말라야 (2015)
The Feel good human drama on a mountain movie

The Tiger / 대호 (2015)
The father and son historical adventure movie about man versus beast and hating the Japanese

December Week 3 is the last big opening week for 2015. Last year, the mega hit / second biggest Korean movie ever "Ode to my father" (2014) opened to make history on this weekend.

This year we have the big bang of movie collisions. It is an epic battle between Hollywood  and Korea. On the Hollywood side of the ring, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (2015) is opening on the 17th. Up til a few days ago, it was announced that it was opening on the 16th but now it is pushed to a day later. The Korean contenders are now getting an early start as they still are opening on the 16th. 

Not sure what shenanigans are happening behind the scenes. It way be Disney not wanting Korea to have the movie too earlier than the US which is releasing the movie on the 18th. On the other hand, it could be Koreans trying to give their movies an advantage.

So, who will win?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the goliath here. However, Star Wars has never been as big a hit in Korea in the past. In general, Scifi was not a huge draw. This may have been changing as seen by the Marvel movies and Interstellar doing very well in Korea. In addition, the promotional effort on part of Disney is massive in Korea also. 

On the Korean movie corner, we have big male Korean stars headlining movies. 
"The Himalayas / 히말라야" (2015) has Hwang Jung-Min to bank on as its star. The actor had become a superstar with "Ode to my father" (2014) and continued the hit parade with "Veteran" (2015). Can he get three big hits in a row in the span of a single year?

"Ode to my father" (2014)

"Veteran" (2015)

On the 3rd corner of this 3 way fight, "The Tiger" (2015) has Choi Min-Sik. This international star led the biggest Korean movie up to this point "Roaring Currents" (2014). He is known internationally for "Lucy" (2014) and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005).

"Roaring Currents" (2014)

"Lucy" (2014) 

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005).

All 3 movies have something going for them in this royal rumble. The only thing clear is that one will win and 2 will lose. 

who will win?

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