"The Roommates" A Fan-Edit Movie of a Korean Drama

"The Roommates" 
A fanedit of 9 ends 2 outs

If you are well versed with Korean dramas, you know they really have a lot of fillers. So, I edited it down to a 3:25 hour movie. In this movie, the original source is called "9 end 2 outs." This will be available for a short time over the weekend.

If you want to watch it in large screen, place your cursor on the upper right corner to create a popup which you can watch in full screen.

Please comment below. It can just be to say hello. You can just do it a a guest! Also here is a link to a review and talk about the fanedit process.

Cutting into Korean drama: 9 end 2 outs (2007) Review/Analysis...


  1. i just downloaded it this morning and watched it. AAAAAND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Its like reminiscing the old memories. i love ur editing. I've watched this drama when i was in high school. and its like nostalgic for me. THANK YOUUUUU x

    1. Thanks a lot! Did you like the opening scene choices?
      And I have other fanedits you could try!