First Half of 2015 Korean Movie Box Office in Review

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January 2015

January 2015: Week 2

워킹걸: Casa Amor: Exclusive For Ladies [Grade: C]
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설해: Snow Is on the Sea

January 2015: Week 3

오늘의 연애: Love Forecast [Grade: C+]
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허삼관: Chronicle of a Blood Merchant [Grade: C-]
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고양이 장례식: Cat Funeral [Grade: D]
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January 2015: Week 4

강남 1970: Gangnam Blues [Grade: B+]
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생각보다 맑은: Clearer Than You Think

January 2015: Week 5

심장을 쏴라: Shoot Me in the Heart

어우동: 주인 없는 Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower [Grade: F]
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비치하트애솔: Bitch Heart Asshole

February 2015

February 2015: Week 1

쎄시봉: C'est si bon [Grade: B+]
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February 2015: Week 2

조선명탐정 : 사라진 놉의   : Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island [Grade: C-]
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꿈보다 해몽: A Matter of Interpretation

February 2015: Week 3

기화: Gi-Hwa

조류인간: The Avian Kind

March 2015

March 2015: Week 1

: dog eat dog

살인캠프: Barracks

순수의 시대: Empire of Lust [Grade: C+]
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헬머니: Granny’s Got Talent

March 2015: Week 2

살인의뢰: The Deal [Grade: B]
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소셜포비아: Socialphobia [Grade: C]
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March 2015: Week 3

태양을 쏴라: Heartbreak Hotel

March 2015: Week 4

스물: Twenty [Grade: A-]
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세계일주: The Trip Around The World

April 2015

April 2015: Week 1

장수상회: Salut D'Amour  [Grade: C]
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화장: Revivre  [Grade: C-]
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April 2015: Week 2

검은손: The Black Hand

April 2015: Week 3


April 2015: Week 4

약장수: Clown of a Salesman

April 2015: Week 5

위험한 상견례 2: Enemies In-Law

차이나타운: Coin Locker Girl  [Grade: B]
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May 2015

May 2015: Week 2

연애의 : Love Clinic   [Grade: D+]
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May 2015: Week 3

악의 연대기: The Chronicles of Evil    [Grade: D+]
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May 2015: Week 4

간신: The Treacherous   [Grade: B+]
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막걸스: Makgeolli Girls

산다: Alive

May 2015: Week 5

무뢰한: The Shameless    [Grade: C-]
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June 2015

June 2015: Week 1

은밀한 유혹: Perfect Proposal    [Grade: C]
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June 2015: Week 2

한여름의 판타지아: A Midsummer's Fantasia

June 2015: Week 3

경성학교: 사라진 소녀들 : The Silenced    [Grade: C]
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극비수사: The Classified File

June 2015: Week 4

소수의견: The Unfair

연평해전: Northern Limit Line    [Grade: C]
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나의 절친 악당들: Intimate Enemies    [Grade: C+]
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July 2015

July 2015: Week 1

마돈나: Madonna

July 2015: Week 2

손님: The Piper

July 2015: Week 3

쓰리 썸머 나잇: Three Summer Night

폴라로이드: Polaroid

July 2015: Week 4

암살: Assassination    [Grade: B+]
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July 2015: Week 5

살인재능: Gifted


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