Alien, Actress, and Korean Dramas~"My Star!" a 3 part Fanedit Movie

Hello. This is a fan edit of "My love From another Star" (2013). It is broken into 3 episodes which run for about 50 plus minutes each. This is a 1.7 version of this fan edit. I have a cutting into #Kdrama articles regarding the 1.5 version here.

The difference between 1.5 and 1.7 versions is not drastic. I cut about 20 minutes out of the 1.5 version and added new intros and endings for each of the 3 episodes. I also went into scenes and cut lingering stuff from already cut scenes. Thus, most of the side friend stuff are now totally gone. Also tried to clear up the narrative between various somewhat clunky scenes in the 1.5 version/

Episode 1 (55 min)

Episode 2 (53 min)

Episode 3  (72 min)

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