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Hello. This is Prof. AKIA with the Korean Box office for this week.
It has been a pretty busy week for the Korean box office here that had nothing to do with actual Korean movies. Since the Summer Hollywood box bluster season had started early this year, all of the Korean movie releases had been moved around to avoid the stampede which this week was caused by Avengers: Age of Ultron.
In any case, the box office gross has basically tripped this week. So, great for the movie theaters.

At number 10, you have Revivre which is a Korean art house movie that says the being a Korean babyboomer and a male at retirement age sucks and also let's kill dogs.

I am not even joking. 

It is almost totally out of the theaters except for a few art-house places. It sold 2585 tickets over the weekend to a total of 137671 tickets sold.
As an art house movie is does not deliver its point well.I gave it a C-
Have a review below!

Review: http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/04/revivre.html

At number 9, you have Whiplash the little movie that could  which has been in the box office for over 5 weeks which is rare nowadays. It sold about 3000 tickets this week which includes my second time paying to see this movie. Its total gross is about 1.5 million tickets sold which is about 15% of this movie's total foreign take. This comes to about $11,501,257

I gave it a A+

At number 8, you have Kingsman, another steady hit, which has been in the box office for more than 2 months now. 
It took in about a little short of 5000 tickets to make a total gross of 6,126,033 tickets sold. This is $46,256,325 and 9% of this movie's total foreign gross of $273 million.

This movie is currently the biggest Korean box office earner in this year. We'll wait to see when and not if  the new Avengers movie will rush ahead as this movie is basically at the end of its great run.

I gave it a grade of a B and have a review below!

Review: http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/02/kingsman.html

At number 7, you have a new European feel good movie about a disabled son and his father trying to finish a decathlon together. This movie opened silently and I expect that it will be gone in a week or two.It took in 11,467 tickets this weekend for a total one week gross of 23,473 tickets sold.

In sixth place, you have another steady hit Twenty (2015). It has been in theaters for a month now for a total gross of about 3 million tickets. Considering the break-even point is around 1.5 million tickets sold, it is a bonafide hit.  It is currently the second highest grossing Korean movie opened this year behind Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island 조선명탐정: 사라진 놉의 딸(2015). However Twenty (2015) is a far better comedy  and even a better movie.

Click for review of Detective K

The movie is basically a sitcom movie that succeeds in providing a consistent stream of laughs. I gave it a A- grade and have a review below.

Review: http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/03/twenty.html

At fifth place, you have a new indie movie about an out of work father trying the earn a living by selling stuff to the elderly through providing entertainment. It took in 27,543 tickets total on its first week, 
In 4th place, you ave this Japanese animation of a long running family manga that opened with 1.3% of the box office and a total one week gross of 52,459 tickets sold. It is one of those kid targeted movies that open every week and disappear after a week or so.

This only thing that is significant about this movie is that it is the first movie in this top 10 to get more than 1% of the box office. This is rather rare as the last 4th place movie took in about 5% of the box office. It was a tough week with the number 1 movie taking everything. 
In 3rd place, we have Salut D'Amour 장수상회(2015) in its 3rd week. It has been in this place for most of that time with a total gross of about 1 million tickets sold. I has 2.5% of the total box office also. This is a considerable drop from its 21% share last week,

I call this movie Nicholas Sparks’ The Note Book (2014) meets “Shutter Island” (2010) starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I gave it a C grade and have a review below.

Review: http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/04/salut-damour.html

In second place, we have the previous king of the box office. Furious 7. It add more than 10 thousand tickets over the weekend for a total 3.1 million tickets sold in 4 weeks. It has 3.2% share which is a drastic drop from last weeks 41%.

I gave this movie a B- grade.

For the King of the Korean box office, we have Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) with a whopping 90.5% of the Korean box office this week for a total gross of 3.4 million tickets sold in its first week. It earned about  $28.2 million to make it the second biggest opening weekend for the Korean box office. 

Sadly it is not great and I gave it a C grade as it is overblown and rather uninteresting. I have a review below.
Review: http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/04/avengers-age-of-ultron.html

Next week, we have Still Alice, Enemies In-Law 위험한 상견례 2 (2015), and Coin Locker Girl 차이나타운 opening!
Still Alice

Enemies In-Law 위험한 상견례 2

Coin Locker Girl 차이나타운

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