Korean Box Office News Mar. 15th 2015 #Kmovie

This week in the Korean Box office was relatively weak in revenue.
Interesting thing is that most of the movies in the TOP 10 are either new movies or leftovers from the previous week's new movies.

In addition, Most of the TOP 10 movies are foreign ones.
The movie seems to open with a serial killer accidentally being captured by a cop over a traffic violation. And coincidentally the cop's sister was also the serial killer'a last victim. Years later, the serial killer is on death row and the cop is on the case.
Think the movie is trying to go for the Se7en vibe.
Considering that I think korean noir never really works, Not hot for the movie.
It seems to have to go over 2 million ticket sold to break even and, considering the weak box-office of this movie and the last few months, most likely will not happen.

A huge hit in Korea as it is officially the highest grossing movie in the Korean boxoffice this year.

Just saw thing movie and it is doing pretty well for a small indie release in Korea!
Also already imported the Bluray and saw it in the theater for the experience.
Totally worth it.
This is  techno-thriller surrounding a internet troll who ends up dead. And coincidentally the team of kids stumble upon this death.

Not particularly interested in the movie and the buzz is not great

This movie is about the reality show surrounding a "Cursing"/trash talk contest with the old grandma as the protagonist.

Why you ask?
Its Korea!

For a movie that opened last week, "Empire of Lust" is a huge bomb!!!
I'm saying that I would be suprised if the movie earned enough to cover the costume budget.

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