Korean Box Office News Mar. 22th 2015 #Kmovie

This week was a rather slow week. No new Korean movies opening.
With foreign movies, Cinderella, Run all night, and When Marnie was there openned
The sleeper big hit of this month is Whiplash!!!
It came up from the 4th place to top the box office this week!

Kingsman is still the Top grossing movie in Korea this year. It has been sticking on to the 2nd place for weeks now.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) review ~ Little bit too crazy to be perfect![link]

Global hit Cinderella comes in 3rd place.
Another Liam movie!
This Korean movie is dropping fast out of the box office. It is not bad! but is in a weird place.
Wait for review in a bit.

A Korean indie technophobia movie!
Wait for review in a bit.


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