Korean Box Office News Feb. 1st 2015 #Kmovie

Last week was a slow week in the Korean box office as movies across the board draw in less movie goers than previously. There was not much shake up in the box office since no hard hitting new movies opened.

Big Hero 6 has taken the Top of the box office after a week in second place. I should really see this movie.
As a side effect of the slow box office, "Ode to my Father" bounced back to land in the second place. Its production budget is around $18 million making its break even point about half of its current cross. So, made a lot of money!!!
After one week on the top, Gangnam blues is in a sharp decline to land in third place. Its budget is around $10 million and thus it has to double its current gross to break even. This does not seem possible the way it is going for this movie. Another victim of this winter season.
We have a new movie with "Shoot me in the Heart" made for $2.8 million. It has to do about 2 times more gross to break even. Not sure if it will make it.
Love Forcast is doing well for itself in this tough market. With a budget around $6 million, it has just broke even and is still in 5th place. The expected profit is not great but at least people did not loose their shirts like "Chronicle of the blood merchant"

Oh! "Chronicle of the blood merchant"

You lost people a lot of money!
It was made for $10 million and has to do 2 times more gross to just breakeven. This means a lot of people are going broke!!

This is the Korean box-office for the first weekend of February 2015

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