Korean Box Office News Feb. 22th 2015 #Kmovie

 The Lunar New years weekend did not see much shake up within the Korean box office. Among the few movies that newly opened, "The Imitation Game" was the one that made it into the TOP10.
 I gave a C+ to the original movie "Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow" (2011) Here is the link to that review![link]

The squeal is worse. I gave "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" (2015) a C-.
 I gave it a B.
Here is a link to my review[link]
http://www.kmovietalk.com/2015/02/kingsman.html This is a surprise! Ode to my father came up from #6 to #3 for the last time. Most of the people who are going to see thing movie have done so.
Here is a link to my review [link]

 It is a nice music-romance movie that has some issues. I gave it a B+.
Here is a link to my review [link]

Sadly, not going to breakeven with a pure production cost of $6.5million and a total cost of $10million. Needs to sell about 3 million tickets to break even...

A rather boring weekend!


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