Korean Box Office News Feb. 15th 2015 #Kmovie

This week's Korean box office has done a tittle bit better than last week. However, most (60%) of the audience was divided up between the TOP 2 movie. The scraps were sprinkled among the rest. In addition, there were alot of cheap children's movies dumped into the box office too.
This squeal to a rather lack luster original movie took TOP spot this week on its opening week.
I gave a C+ to the original movie "Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow" (2011) Here is the link to that review![link]

The squeal is worse. I gave "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" (2015) a C-.

This Hollywood movie opened in second place. And is actually much better than what is above it in the box office. But... it is crazy!
I gave it a B.
Here is a link to my review[link]

C'est si bon has been pushed down to 3rd place in its second week and the earnings are not that great.
It is a nice music-romance movie that has some issues. I gave it a B+.
Here is a link to my review [link]
Big Hero 6 is hanging in the TOP 5 for a while now!
Now we get into children's movies getting dumped into the box office. This is a 3D movie of a famous Japaneses character.
Ode to my father is still hanging in there. However, it is on its last legs. I gave it a B+.
Here is a link to my review [link]

A cheap movie from 2013 now being dumped here.
While this release is based on a famous anime franchise, this is a theatrical release of a TV special.
I got to see this new release. It is not bad!
It feels like a decent 90s action adventure B-movie.
Oh! Gangnam Blues! You are not going to breakeven!
I gave the movie a B+.
Here is a link to my review [link]

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