Korean Box office news [Feb 8th 2015]

February is seen to be a weak market in terms of the box office in Korea. Thus, only a few movies tend to open compared to the previous month. For Korean movies, you have C'est si bon 쎄시봉(2015) open this week.

C'est si bon 쎄시봉(2015) pushed down Big Hero 6 for the first spot of the Korean box office. However, considering the week's box office, it is a soft win for the movie. I have a review up for this.
It is a decent enough movie with some serious structural issues though. Gave it a B+. [link]

 It has been almost 2 months since it opened and Ode To My Father 국제 시장 (2014) is still hanging in the TOP5. It is now the 3rd highest grossing Korean movie ever. It is expected to pass Avatar's second place record in the next week or so. Here is my review [link] Gave it a B+.
 Oh! Jupiter... You'r not as bad as people say but you are way too trashy for your budget!
Contrary to expectations, Gangnam Blues 강남 1970 (2015) is a soft earner as a movie. At this point, it has still not broken even and is slipping out of the TOP5 fast. It is a decent enough movie which I gave a B+. [link]

Overall, the quality of the TOP 5 movies this week is pretty good.

 Since this is a weak month, you have various kids movie getting dumped to grab some easy money.
I have no idea what this movie is. It is the first time I heard about this property but I'm not a 6 year old.

 Wow! A Spirited away re-release. !!!

 Haven't seen this indie movie but it is still not going to break even at this point in its second week.
The last place is taken by Love Forecast (2015). Compared to its competitor, it is still clinging on to the TOP10. Also it is a rare January movie that broke even. Did not make money but did not loose its shirt also.

Gave it a C+ [link]. It is also my highest viewed review till this day. #Kdrama power!

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