A serious game of Chicken! Korean movie Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower Flinches!

Waiting for The Movie Massacre! Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower Retreats!

Everyone is playing a serious game of Chicken 

This January of 2015 has not been a good time for new movies especially Korean ones. The Juggernaut "Ode to my father" (2014) is still retaining the thrown for over a month now. And new winter season award hopeful Hollywood movies are starting to roll in.

Well Taken 3 is an exception.

We are scheduled to get Oscar front-runner Birdman (2014) starring Michael Keaton next month. Unbroken (2014) opened last week and  is doing okay. This week we are getting American sniper (2015)and Night at the Museum 3 (2015).

So, Korean movies opening this week have their work cut out for them.Originally, there were 4 movies set to open this week. However, Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower pushed its release back two weeks because of the bloodbath Korean movies have been experiencing.

Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower
어우동: 주인없는 꽃
Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower is a erotic thriller set in the Joseon Period. It is based on a famous historical sex scandal.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
Love Forecast

Among the Korean movies opening this week, the big hitters are  Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 허삼관 starring Ha Ji-Won and Love Forecast 오늘의 연애 starring Lee Seung-Gi and  Moon Chae-Won. 

Because of the star power and financial support behind these two movies, both are getting wide releases via the major Movie chains in Korea. It will be a tough fight for these two movies.

However, there is another movie left!!!

Snow Is on the Sea

This month has been brutal for smaller indie romance Korean movies. Snow Is on the Sea 설해 came out last week without anyone noticing since it got a very limited release. It simply could not get the screen space in the rotation. The same is happening to The Cat Funeral 고양이 장례식 starring  Park Se-Young of Korean drama "School 2013" (2012). I personally do not know why it is still opening now when there is no chance anyone would see it. The February release schedule seems sparse.

However who knows about February?

The Korean Box Office is so chaotic that many Korean movies do not know the exact date of their release even a month ahead. Most just know the vague month they are releasing in, The market is over saturated with Hollywood and Korean movies. Also the art house movie niche is also stuffed with movies from Europe and indie american films. We are actually getting those faster than America.

So, RIP for all the movies who made the poor decision to open in January of 2015. I don't know if the decision to wait two weeks is good enough for Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower. Next week the Korean mob movie Gangnam 1970 /  Gangnam Blues will open so it has to contend with the aftermath of that and the movies opening two weeks from now. 


Two weeks from now, Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower's direct competition will be Tim Burton's Big eyes (2014), Shoot My Heart 내 심장을 쏴라 (2015) which actually got pushed back from 2014. It stars Lee Min-Ki and Yeo Jin-Goo. 

In addition, it has  The Equalizer (2014) starring Denzel Washington and The Water Diviner (2014)  starring Russell Crowe coming out the same week. Just kill Er Woo Dong: Unattended Flower!

That is a crazy week!
I think everyone is crazy!

At this point, I do not understand how anyone except to the major movies make money and even those flop and flop hard! Remember "The Royal Tailor"? It bombed hard. Think it literally only made enough to pay for the catering staff. 

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