Top 10 Movies in Korea: Box Office

This is Prof. Akia Talking and let's see what happened in the Korean box office for the weekend of 01/25/2015.

In its first week, #GangnamBlues Opened big at first place going over a million tickets sold in one week. That is a darn impressive haul. I gave the movie a B+ which is pretty good for my standards. It is currently showing on 827 screens in Korea!

The second place is also a new movie. "Big Hero 6" is doing okay here in Korea opening a few months after its domestic release. It is showing in 822 screens but then why can I never find time to watch this movie?
"Ode to my father" is on its slow but still strong walk out of the box office. I now has 12 million tickets sold which makes it the 6th highest grossing movie of all time in Korea. Here is a review of it which I gave it a B+ [link] 
It is showing on 621 screens in Korea but almost out of the Capital.
While Love Forecast is not a out right hit in Korea, it is doing well considering how other movies are bombing out of the box office. After starting its run at second place, it is now in 4th. It is showing on 482 screens.

What can I say? It is the weakest in the franchise.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 허삼관 has ended up as a failure at the Korean box office. In many ways, it is not good and not mainstream to be a success. It is showing in 372 screens and is fading from Seoul theaters fast. I gave it is C- in this review! [link]

John Wick opened this week and it was entertaining although it is a very B-ish movie and looks better than it actually is. For a small opening, it is just doing okay. It is showing only in 307 screens.

Still have not seen it. It is showing in 142 screens!
It is a small but interesting indie scifi think peice of a movie that is doing okay here in Korea. It is showing on 142 screens in Korea. I saw it and have a review and gave it a B- [link]!
That is the Korean Box office of the weekend of 01/25/2015.

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