Role Play (2012) Movie Review by [Young Ajummah]: Korean Indie Classic Erotic Thriller...?

Hello. I am introducing today a external blogger's review of a Korean Movie I had not actually hear about called "Role Play" (2012). The poster calls it a "Classic Erotic Thriller". The tag line is "Should I DO you like this..?"

The tag line for this poster is "As the novels inches closer to completion, dangerous fantasies become more of a reality".

The plot of this movie seem to be that there is a novelist husband who has writers' block. His wife is a jealous type who is always looking at him with suspicion.

In the mist of this marital dynamic a young college student who likes eerily like his first love that got away. He asks the young college student to become the model for a character in his book and thus, sex, lust, affair, and death. You all heard about this story.

Sounds very familiar?
Well, I keep getting reminded that Korea is essentailly at a state similar to the American mid-80s.
This is reflected in the many movies made here that are straight out of the American mid-80s cinema.

In any case, this is an indie movie made with very little budget. It runs for 73 minutes and had a very limited theatrical release. It opened simultaneously on VOD which I think it made the bulk of its earnings. I could not find exact numbers but it did well enough to get a direct to VOD squeal .

Here is a trailer for this movie!


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