The New Year's Eve Movie Blood Bath at the Korean Box Office

The New Year's Eve Movie Blood Bath at the Korean Box Office

The 2014-2015 Winter Korean Box office is shaping up to be a huge Battle Royal as the few big movies from 2014 such as "The International Market / Ode To My Father 국제 시장 (2014)" fight off other movies that open small and disappear from the theaters in about 2 weeks.

"Into the Woods" (2014), which is doing well in America, is now out of the theaters in the capital, Seoul, after two weeks. It did not open in many of the big theater chains in Korea even in the first place which has been the trend for the 2014-2015 Winter Korean Box office. I liked the movie and was going to see it the second time but missed it! Darn!

In a way, foreign movies are at least getting better distribution than the new Korean movies recently.
 The Penguins of Madagascar (2014) and Paddington (2014) do have decent distribution although not as wide as Taken 3 (2015). All these are doing decent business in Korea right now. Well... at least better than they should.

"The perfect way to steal a dog / How to steal a dog" (2014) which opened new year's eve got more limited distribution mostly in second tier theater chains. Now its in its second week run and this has shrunk to about half of the screens of what it premiered with. I haven't seen the movie so I do not know how good it is.

"The Tenor Lirico Spinto" (2014) which also opened new year's eve has been reduced to 2 showings a day in all of Seoul. It opened on less screens than "The perfect way to steal a dog / How to steal a dog" (2014). I saw the movie and I understand why! Wait for the review Monday or so. It will be an interesting review of a total train wreck. Think it is the worst movie I've seen including Hollywood movies of 2014.

However, this bloodbath was not just limited to the new year's eve opening movies. "Snow Is on the Sea" 설해 (2015) starring rising Korean drama stars  Park Hae-Jin 박해진 of Doctor Stranger (2014) and Lee Young-Ah 이영아 of Vampire Prosecutor series opened this week in 3 theaters with 6 screenings a day total in the entire capital. It is not actually easy to see this movie. Thus, I have not yet! It is a traditional melodrama I think from the promotions.

Casa Amor: Exclusive For Ladies 워킹걸 (2015) fended better opening pretty wide which I haven't seen in a few weeks. It opened to 5th place in the Korean box office which is not great. In a way, this movie is pretty weird and thus may not be mainstream. The promotional material is somewhat misleading. Wait for the review next week! It will be interesting.

The situation may not get better as 4 new Korean movies open next week!

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