My Mini Review of "Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl" 수상한 그녀 (2014) and Full one by [Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato]

This is my mini- review of Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl  수상한 그녀 (2014) 

"Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl"   수상한 그녀 (2014) was a high performing Korean movie of 2014. It is the fifth highest grossing movie of the 2014 Korean box office and 3rd highest domestic movie.

The plot is basically a reverse "Big" (1988) story in which an old grandmother becomes young again and goes off a wonderful journey of wish fulfillment than goes home. So, it is "18 Again!" (1988) movie starring George Burns and Charlie Schlatter which should not be mistaken with its remake
"17 Again" (2009) staring Zac Efron. You may have noticed that these movies were made during the mid 80s.

Thus, in a lot of ways "Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl"  수상한 그녀 (2014) feel like a mid 80s Hollywood movie that now airs on the Hallmark channel. For a  Hallmark channel movie, "Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl" is an okay one but not one of the better ones as the script is rather clumsily structured and the character construction is rather lazy even for a Hallmark channel movie.

Compared to the movies of the 80s which it is copying from "Miss Granny/Suspicious Girl"  수상한 그녀 (2014) offers nothing new other than novelty of it being set in Korea with wacky Korean characters. At best, it is a streaming movie for when you are bored on a cold night and nothing good is on the Hallmark channel.

 However, some disagree with my opinion in the Korean drama blogger world. Here is "Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato"s rather positive review of this movie![link] Who knows? I might be an old fart who has seen too many movies over the years!

"Get off my lawn!"

Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato has been coming out with a surprising number of quality reviews of Korean dramas. The site is an Alexa ranking of 17,518,832 which is not good but things sometimes happen when the site is not optimized for search engines. The site is the pillar of the Korean drama review community.

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