The Korean Box office for the second week of 2015

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This is the Korean Box office News for the second week of 2015. There is not much change in the TOP 3 movies here except for the fact that the second and third movies earned much less than last week as they had to share more of their market share with the lower ranked movies.

Ode To My Father is still going strong at first place. It is currently opening in a few region in the USA where there is a lot of Koreans! Here is a link to my review! [link]

Even though Taken 3 is a bad movie it keeps its second place in the Korean box office. It opened big in America this week too.

 The darn Penguins keep their third place in its second week.
Starting with the fourth place, we see some new movies. I have an article about how the new Korean movies are cannibalizing  themselves at the box office. Here is a link [link]. 
As a result, none of the Korean movies were able to break in the TOP 5 this week.

You have the Angelina Jolie directed prisoner of war movie "Unbroken" at fourth place.
Following this period piece movie is the animated bear who come in fifth this week. 

 In the sixth place, we have the documentary "My love don't cross the river" which is the darkhorse of 2014. It is now slowly exiting the theaters.It is the same for "Criminal designer" at seventh place. Here is my review of "Criminal designer". [link]
In the eighth place, we finally get a new Korean movie, Case Amor: Exclusive For Ladies. This is an odd rather Art house like raunchy sex comedy that needs to do better but do not expect it to do so. 

 After the Hobbit in the ninth place, we have a little indie Sci-fi movie "Predestination" at 10th. Considering its limited release and what the movie is, it is doing quite well.

Also "The royal Tailor" has finally ended its painful death and officially exited the TOP 10. It is officially a huge bomb!

Considering that there are a number of new releases this week, expect more movies to bomb out of the Korean Box office.

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