Introduction to Architecture / Architecture 101 (2012) Korean Romance Movie Review by [kaede + jun]

Introduction to Architecture / Architecture 101 Korean Movie Review by kaede + jun

Hello. How Are You Doing This New Year. I am great with family. But those times take me away from writing. I have my own Korean movie review of  The Con Artists / Criminal Designers (2014) 기술자들coming for the weekend. 

You will have to wait with a trailer 

Instead, here is a review of a Korean romance movie called Introduction to Architecture / Architecture 101 (2012) 건축학개론 done by kaede + jun.

Here is a wiki links for the movie.

If you think, the movie's title is odd. The movie is a representative example of the melancholy Korean Romance movie that did pretty well at the Korean box office. It is the current 49th top grossing domestic Korean movie of all time with 4.1 million ticket sold.

The title basically represents the period of college freshman life among friends and lovers. Most of the movie is present via past flash backs with the present time, when the characters are now adults, is used as a framing device.

Here is trailer.

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