What does the Cat think? The Royal Tailors (2014) Review by [The cat that watches TV]

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The great cat did a review of The Royal Tailors (2014) which is out now. Personally do not know how one got a hand on a movie but it is on VOD in Korea now. So, expect copies to be floating around the web.


I have a review of this movie where I gave it a B-  or  6/10. It was rather generous because of the effort put in the screen. Here is a link to that review! [link]

If you have read some of my material, you know I go in-depth and long. Think the review goes over 3000 words.

Yes, I know!

The great cat  goes for  concise  over detail which I can respect. The article is not fond of the movie.
Here is a link to the review. [link]

The cat that watches TV is a prolific blogger and reviewer! The blog as an Alexa ranking of 3.8 million-th in the world with a USA Ranking of 1.28 million-th. It is not a bad score although is has dropped a bit over the months.

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