Korean Box Office Jan. 18th 2015

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA Talking and this is the third week of the Korean Box Office. Unlike Hollywood which dump bad movies in January, Korea seems to be shove all the movies that they bank a lot of money on in January. Two major Korean movies opening this week.
What can be said more about this movie? It broke the 10 million tickets sold this week which is a huge thing for the Korean box office. There is literally only 9 movies in the history of the Korean box office that did it. It is currently the 6th grossing movie of all time for a Korean movie. It is 8th for all movies including Hollywood movies in Korea.
The winner of the movies opening this week is Love Forecast! Here is a link to my review which I gave a C+. [link]  It is Moon Chae-Won's movie that will put her on the map of Korean cinema in the same manner that“My Sassy Girl” (2001)  did for Jun Ji-hyun.

Okay... a rather lack luster end to a franchise but better than Taken 3.
The looser of this week's new movies is Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. It is a flawed movie in so many ways. However, the Wes Anderson like world building as very charming. Here is a link to my review! I gave it a C-.
Pokémon  movie! What else is there to say? 
It feels like the lower end of the Box office is filled with kids movies that oddly I have a hard time finding in theaters.
American sniper opened in 7th place here in Korea. Considering its a America is cool movie, it is not unexpected that it would not perform great here.
This terrible movie is sliding back fast from its second place opening!

This is the Korean box office. A lot of movies dropped off the TOP 10 list this week.There are only 3 movies left over from 2014. Also, none of the movies that openned last week is in the TOP 5. Though week!

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