“Begin Again” Movie Review: The Feel Good Surprise Hit Of 2014 Korean Movie Box Office

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA Talking with the first week end box-office of 2015. There was no big new releases of Korean movies. We will have to wait for next week for that when 2 movies are released.

 Ode to my father (2014) is still taking the box office like a storm. It was made for $18 million dollars including promotion. The current revenue is expected to be 3 times that at the moment. It is expected to break into Miss Granny (2014) 5th place of overall box office of 2014. Here is my review!

Well this 3rd installement has opened big in Korea. But the movie is not great and is a dip in quality compared to the second movie which was even not that great.

 Now much to say about this movie!

This documentary is the hidden black horse of 2014. It is keeping the position it has been in for more than a month even though it is almost out of the theaters in Seoul. I think it is still playing strong beyond the capital.
 While not a great movie, Criminal Designer/ The Con Artists (2014) is doing pretty well in the box office. Here is a review of mine if you want to give it a read. With a budget of $7 million dollars including promotions, it is expected to turn a profit.

The last hobbit movie is doing okay in Korea even though it is out of the Seoul theaters. It is still playing in other regions.

The Royal Tailor (2014) is a huge flop in Korea. With a budget of $10 million including promotion, it is expected to loose most of that budget! Here is a review!

 Still have no idea what this movie is!

Finally we have Interstellar which is a huge movie in Korea compared to other countries. It is about 120,000 tickets sold behind the second highest movie in Korea of 2014, Frozen. Conisdering it is only play in non-Seoul regions, it has not chance off crossing that mark. But 3rd place is nothing to be ashamed about.

This was your box-office of the first weekend of 2015 in Korea.

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