The Korean Movie Box Office of 2014.12.26 ~ 12.28. [News]

It seems like the The International Market / Ode To My Father is still doing extremely well at the box office. Here is a link to the review of this movie. It seems like it will surpass KUNDO : Age of the Rampant for the 8th place of 2014 box office. 

On the other hand, The Royal Tailor has a weak start out of the gates at 5th place. Here is a link to the review of this movie.

Out of the top 5 movies of the Korean box office this week, there are 3 kids animated 3D movies that I never heard of and I expect the same for most of you reading this post.There are those movies made by regional animated houses whether it be from Korea or Japan or China.

Into the woods is having a very slow start but that is expected since it seems too "Broadway" for mainstream Korean appeal. I enjoyed it.

Interstellar is doing extremely well compared to its domestic American performances. It's on the verge of nudging out Frozen for second place of the 2014 box office. However, considering it has to do at least 200,000 more tickets sold, I doubt it. It will end up at 3rd place.

This is the box office for the last week end of year here in Korea!

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